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Sugar Ray Berger

I look decades into the future and I see a woman that men lacking in cajones, which is El Pasoese for temerity, shouldn't even try to approach. Timbers shattered on the shoals, I think. El Pasoese is its own parochial language, Like Basque. Or TexAgs.

At any rate it will not be advisable to roll up to Raylee Berger and act tough. She will politely stifle a giggle into her sleeve and cross you off the list. When your six months old and you do this, you inherently know tough.

Barking Carnival's God Daughter had a (fingers making quote marks like a silly Hollywood person pitching a script) long day on Friday.

Needless to say pops had a long day too. Being called into an anteroom by a doctor with a cloudy visage in such circumstances will cause your heart to fall through your stomach on the way to Tartarus. I haven't met a more sincere and truer friend than Kevin Berger. He deserves every bit of good luck and as many good wishes as you can muster. His wife is better than he is. Shocker.

Anyway, Ray Ray seems to be, predictably, inexorably marching toward good health but I beseech all of you who read this to swing by Mama Berger's blog and leave encouragement. It really means a lot to them.

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