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Launching FanTake and The YES Network

A couple of interesting milestones on our path to complete dominion over all forms of media.

1) We're properly launching the FanTake home page.

If we could just get Ted Knight to smash an unbreakable bottle of Veuve Cliquot against the server room door, we'd be set.

This site will serve a few purposes. It will act as your one stop destination to catch up on all the goings on around our growing network. We've assembled some really great writers for various schools, teams and leagues and have another bunch waiting in the wings so look for more sites in the coming weeks.

The site will also serve as the place to highlight the best work from around the network. It's our goal to grow everybody's audience. When our bloggers write great stuff, it will get home page attention.

Lastly, it will be the place Scipio Tex hangs out his shingle. We all enjoy reading his Texas Longhorns material and you will continue to find that here at Barking Carnival. The new site will be the place he discusses a wider variety of subjects (NFL, college football, college hoops, MMA, etc.).

Anyway, if you like what we're doing here, please bookmark the FanTake site and follow us:





2. We've done a cool deal with the YES Network.

As I mentioned below, we're most interested in growing the audience across our whole network. We have great stories and they deserve to be read. This is a great distribution deal for us and will help us achieve that. We've got a couple of other similar deals we're working on which should help as well. Stay tuned.

As always, thanks for reading. Keep the suggestions coming.

Well, some of them.