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Ralph Cindrich Does A Great Al Pacino

And takes a flamethrower to this place!

We mentioned Ralph recently in our article about the Agentgate happenings down in Tuscaloosa.

Apparently he was just getting warmed up.

He had this to add about Nick Saban:

"...old Nick knows that. I've seen him out on the road a time or two. He's contacted a client of mine or a family member of a client of mine. I know what goes on out there and he knows that I know. The bottom line is that to stand up on a pulpit and start preaching that way, and maybe I'm doing it, take a shot at me, that bothers me, especially when it comes from a guy like Nick Saban."

And now he's turned his chariots on Troy:

"Don't put USC in your rear view mirror...there is a lot more going on there. Those guys out there from neighborhoods that are deprived who are driving Range Rovers and the Mercedes and all the rest, they just earn that on their own on the weekends in the offseason."

You should give it a listen:

Ralph On The Fan

And you should check out Nate's thoughts on the issues.