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Big 12 Media Day: Mike Gundy

I love me some Gundy. He's basically the Bill Paxton character in True Lies with a head coaching job. I wish he'd grow a moustache.

Mike Gundy weaves tales of media magic.

And is excited for what this year will bring...

Obviously, we're very excited about the season, looking forward to getting back to work coming off break. It's an exciting time of the year for us. A number of new faces on both sides of the ball for Oklahoma State. New quarterback and healthy Kendall Hunter and several new offensive linemen.

Translation: we're going 6-6. I hope we don't lose to Tulsa.

We have new offensive linemen, as you mentioned. We have four guys that don't have a lot of experience, but they've been in our system. They understand what it takes to win.

And by understand what it takes to win, I mean lose against Oklahoma and Texas, and then shit our pants spectacularly in a bowl game.

I think there's an advantage in being older.

Like, say, 40?

We all know that we're different at 26 than we are at 18.

And at 40!

And in order to handle the pressures of being a quarterback and playing at this level, maturity is an advantage.

FORTY! Say forty! 40! (writes on note pad - gestures enthusiastically)

On the necessity of a mobile QB...

Defensive linemen have become so skilled that quarterbacks have to move around in order to make a play. And ad lib. And he was able to do that in that game.

The crummy defensive lineman is a very nice and fat stinker who lives in an outhouse in Paris.

Wait, that's a mad lib. A quarterback won't need to be able to do one of those during the game. Will he?

Brandon obviously signed to play professional baseball out of high school, so he's had a taste of what it's like to be out there and to deal with the media and the public and have success.

Minor league baseball's perpetual life on the road in small, nameless towns sleeping in Motel 6s was a fine preparation for Stillwater.

But he's got a lot of work ahead of him. What we're pleased with is his ability to pay the price, which he's done up to this point.

T Boone's price is 250 million dollars in program expenditures. About 42 million dollars per projected OSU win in 2010.

Even USC thinks that's a bad value.

Here's a bizarre question from a random media guy...

Mike, can you talk about the pluses and minuses of playing the Aggies on a national game on Thursday night.

Plus - We have an outside shot at winning because their defense is staffed with Von Miller and a women's field hockey team.

Minus - National audience will be forced to watch a Texas A&M-Oklahoma State football game.