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A Fuckload of Wampum

That's what Sam Bradford just ended up putting in his pocket.

It shows Stoops was totally right in getting Bradford to come back and get injured. Twice. Bob Stoops and Robert Johnson are tight.

The Rams drafted Bradford with an expectation of him becoming the face of their franchise.


The deal includes a guaranteed $50 million for the former Oklahoma QB, the most guaranteed money included in a deal in NFL history.

In total, it's a six-year deal worth $76 million, with a maximum value of $86 million.

Seriously, seems to have been a really good kid blah blah blah but how does anybody pay a QB with no NFL snaps that kind of scratch? I realize many say he's the next Joe Pendleton.

Guy seems like he can make all the throws given great protection but I'm not sure that's what he'll have this year. Anyway, NFL owners are an interesting lot. Where is Jimmy Johnson to rape and pillage these guys?

What do you think - is he Troy Aikman or Cade McNown?