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It's Official

    I want to thank Magnificent Bastard (@KURTZJ) for letting us know Walt Anderson was rocking the mic on the dais at the Big 12 Media Daze and letting loose on some of the forthcoming rules changes.

    There are a couple of I just want to make you aware of. A few of them are probably novelty changes, but they provide you with at least some interest.

    I love the way Walt likes to keep it fresh. His wife is a fan too, I'm sure. Like the time he said, Madge, what about a shocker?

    On equipment, the NCAA has done away with the ruling on where the pants have to be worn relative to the knees. Some of you may know that's been an ongoing uniform police battle that both the officials and coaches have struggled with for years. They've given up the fight. So now that although they're required to have knee pads in their pants, the pants actually do not have to cover the knees. It will be interesting to see what kind of uniforms we come up with this year.

    He actually said that. Capri pants, imo. Knee pads but not on your knees. Are they thigh pads? But what about the thigh pads? Gone? Doubling up? Everybody looks like Robert Newhouse, I guess.

    The Uniform Police Battle. I remember discussing this with Sir Edward Creasy.

    The other issue that did catch a little bit of media notoriety from some incidents last year was the eye shade and how some players were using that to make statements about various topics.

    Oh sure, now that Tebow's gone, they are ready to really hammer people on this rule. Don't fuck with the Jesus, I guess. Oh, and this is a website.

    A significant change was paid in the injured player rule, mostly because of the
    emphasis and the interest in concussions. Although the rule change actually extends to any type of injury, any time the game is stopped and a player is removed from the field, there is a requirement that somebody from the team, whether it's a physician, trainer, somebody designated to make a ruling, has to certify that the player -- it is safe for him to come back in.

    When he heard Walt on this point, Bob Stoops did one of those cough things where you actually say bullshit while coughing but then realized the ...somebody designated to make a ruling, has to certify that the player... clause meant that the dog that runs out to get the kicking tee could serve this role for Oklahoma. All good.

    And then the second, which is a continued emphasis on sportsmanship, will not carry a rule change this year, but you can all anticipate probably much discussion next year, because in 2011 the unsportsmanlike rule, which now carries a penalty but it's after the play is over so it would not negate a touchdown, in 2011, that will change, and all unsportsmanlike acts will be live ball fouls. So if you have a situation where a runner is running into the end zone and he sticks the ball back at his opponent, this year that touchdown will count. In 2011 it will not count. And the 15-yard penalty will be enforced from the spot where the unsportsmanlike act occurs.

    This is going to bite somebody in the ass. I think Billy Sims turning around and taunting somebody with the ball should result in Torquemada-like discipline. Billy Sims. Auto de fé. Like peas and carrots.

    But diving into the end zone? I think we can all agree that we hope this only happens to JaMarkus McFarland with a fumble recovery run for a disallowed TD. Vs. Oregon. In the Holiday Bowl. As time expires.

    Like the rest of you, I look forward to David Boren's next football related missive.

    If you'd like to check out Walt in full stereoscope, Dan Beebe, wizard of media, has made that possible: