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Adjusted Stats 2009 Year in Review Part IX

This is the ninth and final in a series of posts that will review the 2009 season (as well as 2008) from an adjusted stats perspective.

Publication Schedule

Part I: Which Stats Correlate Best to Winning? - 6/24/10
Part II: Drilling Down and Regression Models - 6/29/10
Part III: Passing Efficiency Formula - 6/30/10
Part IV: Conference Strengths and Pace - 7/2/10
Part V: Testing Conventional Wisdom - 7/16/10
Part VI: Team Matchups - 7/20/10
Part VII: Year-to-Year Changes - 7/22/10
Part VIII: Points per Yard Efficiencies - 7/26/10
Part IX: Data Dump - 8/2/10

Data Dump

Well, I was extremely busy last week and didn't get a chance to dump the data as scheduled. So basically I'm just going to provide three links that contain all the data and reports that have been used and published in this series.

2009 Team Rankings
2009 Team Reports
Complete Year in Review (includes calculation and methodology explanations, the studies, and a few other items)

In other news, Vegas Kyle is pumping out some good stuff at Fading Las Vegas and the FLV Sportsbook has posted college football futures and I hope to be adding more as the season approaches. There's a possibility that we'll be running a season-long contest as well.