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Oklahoma State's Jamie Blatnick Offers Former Teammate Steve Denning A Beer...

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To the orbital socket.

Steve Denning also managed to get himself tazed by Stilwater's finest as he sought to continue the fight with Blatnick while wading through a half dozen cops.

An Oklahoma State University football player has been charged with felony aggravated assault and battery stemming from a fight early Saturday in Stillwater, police said. Jamie Blatnick, a junior defensive end from Celina, Texas, is accused of hitting Stephen Denning, a former OSU player, with a beer bottle in the face during a fight at J.R. Murphy's, located at 306 S. Washington St.

Our good friends at Pokelahoma opine and make the excellent point that Gundy's history of neglecting discipline on star players (Pettigrew) while enforcing on scrubs undermines his leadership.

I bring this story up for a few reasons:

1. Cool pic, bro

2. Fight! Fight! Fight!

3. Jamie Blatnick was hand-selected by Mike Gundy as one of his three player representatives for Big 12 Media Days just five days earlier.


4. Blatnick's interview clip above answers the question: what if you put a Gumbel brother on steroids?

5. Bob Stoops on speed dial. Interrogative: "How did you make this work with Dvoracek?"

6. Blatnick was a starting DE on a Cowboys defense that looks to be miserable in 2010. My prediction of 6-6 for the Cowboys may be kind and I'm seeing real potential for the beginnings of a snowballing maelstrom that will culminate in 4-8 and an exquisite T Boone t-boning.

7. I waded through a thread on and if you'd like to lose 29 IQ points as I did ("I don' see no big deal, fights is gonna happen! I like this Blatnick, he 'gressive!"), you'll glean that Blatnick appeared to have thrown the bottle across the bar to hit Denning all up in his eye, which is, morality judgements aside, a really fantastic throw. Stephen Strasburg, IMO.

Leadership vacuum + self-tanner + impatient aged billionaire + disappointing season = flaming locomotive hurtling off of cliff into pool of stinging porpoises

I now officially declare GundyWatch on Barking Carnival.