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Brett Favre Retiring. Re-Re-Re-Retiring. Maybe.

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My least favorite drama queen and the television media's greatest hero who plays the game like a gunslinging kid (specifically a slow kid that throws into triple coverage at crucial times in any playoff game after 1997) is retiring.




He first did this in 2008 while with the Packers.

Favre held a press conference.

He cried like someone hid his Vicodin.

He retired.

He then un-retired and told the Packers he was coming back. Then he wasn't. Then he was. He toyed with the organization he supposedly loved and the Packers rightfully moved on to the future of their franchise in Aaron Rogers.

They believed Favre would be a divisive force in the locker room while transitioning to Rogers, and Favre forced a trade to the NY Jets.

Along the way he fed a division rival information about the Packers. Hell hath no fury like a hayseed scorned.

At the time, many actually blamed the Packers.

Favre went to the Jets. He played. He threw puzzling interceptions. All of his teammates hated him.

He then retired. But didn't.

By "retiring" he skirted the Vikings having to give anything up to the Jets via trade or compensation. Because that was the plan he orchestrated with the Vikings while still in New York.


He showed up in Minnesota in mid-August 2009 so he could miss the drudgery of training camp. He then performed one of the great cock-teases on Viking Fan in the history of the NFL, playing spectacular football throughout the regular season and then offering one of the great playoff chokes ever.

And Viking Fan deserved it for clutching the Favre asp to their breast and thinking it wouldn't strike. I have zero sympathy for their tortured existence.

But, for now, Favre is retired....but he's not going to just be ignored.