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Jeremiah Masoli is a Nutt

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Looks like Jeremiah (which is Hebrew or Mexican for Yahweh exalts, which I'm pretty sure is a U2 song) is ready to ball for the Right Reverend Shotcallah and his Grove-going disciples.

He was last seen being booted out of Oregon when he was...

...charged for his role in stealing a pair of laptop computers and a guitar from a fraternity house.

and then:

...was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and two other noncriminal violations following a traffic stop.

Dude. Chillax. Less than an ounce? Plus the other charges were noncriminal violations, Chip!

Noncriminal, I say. Since when is kind bud a crime? And frat guys only play Stairway. J was just trying to take care of head and bring computers and guitar to impoverished and sober Mississippianites. Raskolnikov, imo.

Nutt could take a public relations hit by bringing in the troubled player...

You mean like Sports Illustrated calling him a certifiably dirty coach.

...but he also may have improved a team picked to finish near or at the bottom in the Southeastern Conference's Western Division.

S! E! C!

...Nutt began the search for depth at a position already thin from the departure of Jevan Snead to the NFL.

Um, I think Jevan just got cut from The Bucs.

So Nutt's two best QB prospects are a meth head who turned into a receiver (or vice versa) and an uber-talent who once crucified The Tebow in The Swamp and was ultimately turned into less than scout team material under the watchful eye of Reverend Nutt. Sounds like a guru.

Why I am I picking on Houston Nutt? Because that motherfucker threw up the upside down Horns in the Cotton Bowl before Mack found Vince and Will and you know how we feel about that.

I hope Sandra Bullock can save him.

Anyway, check out J's web site here and The untold story behind Jeremiah Masoli's past, downfall at Oregon by Michael McKnight here.