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Les Miles Reminds LSU Recruit Elliott Porter That He Still Can’t Count

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"There was never a bottom line that my eventual full circle would be back to Michigan." - Les Miles

When Miles runs out of fingers and toes to use, it gets ugly.

Even though Miles' toes are prehensile and he can hang from tree branches.

"I didn't want to get confused, so that I knew that the punter was on the field when he wore 30."- Les Miles

Arithmetic has never been Miles' strong suit, and when he's not hanging Jordan Jefferson out to dry claiming that he didn't tell him to spike the ball (while cameras capture Miles very clearly calling for Jefferson to do just that) in the final seconds of the Ole Miss game instead of sending out his field goal team for the easy chip shot win, he's having trouble balancing scholarship limits.

"I understand the mistake that this head coach has made, and it will not be repeated."

Yes, a miracle happened. A SEC school signed 27 players and all of them qualified academically.

So that left Miles in a pinch, because he'd made no arrangements for just such an issue. Because, you know, that would have required a small amount of planning and foresight.

"As soon as we know exactly who we are playing and what date we will be playing on, the schedule will become more finite."- Les Miles

So LSU recruit Elliot Porter, a Louisiana resident and lifelong LSU fan, who had reported to Baton Rouge early, moved all of his stuff, bought a purple and gold comforter, and had been working out with his new teammates for two months was tapped on the shoulder and told he no longer had a scholarship at LSU.

He could gray-shirt if he liked, but that's a year of school out his pocket. And given that the gray-shirt option was never discussed at any time previous, one must think that Porter wasn't exactly brimming with trust that Miles would honor his request.

Porter is now looking at Tennessee.

On one level, this is funny given Miles' bonehead personna, but it's crushing for the kid, and another horrible reminder that this LSU job could be open soon.

And we know who is on that short list.

Better pull for the Bayou Bengals, Horns. It affects the ocean. And the natural resource of our country. It is very sincere.

"I suspect it's just the variance that's not explainable other than it's the schedule." - Les Miles


Quotes courtesy of the Les Miles Quote Generator.