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Bob Stoops Can't Help Himself

Yesterday on ESPN radio, Stoops once again proved he is basically a miserable failure as a public relations mouth-piece for his program. Can Bobby Jack Wright form complete sentences? He might be a better candidate to do these national media gigs.

Check out the 33:40 mark of this podcast from the Scott Van Pelt show. Van Pelt's sidekick sets up his question by intimating that the Texas vs. Nebraska game is the big game in the Big 12 this year and if you listen closely enough, you can actually hear Bob Stoops' head explode just before he stammers out his protestation.

The resulting sound-bite is pure, unadulterated awesomeness that makes me even more thankful for Mack Brown.

Especially when you compare this awkward mini-explosion to the burnt orange master putting on a PR clinic..