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Mack Brown Press Conference August 7th, 2010

I watched live and jotted down a few notes. I'll link to the transcript when posts it. My thoughts are in italics.


DJ Grant is not released to practice. It has been less than a year since his knee injury and given its severity, his rehab is still ongoing.

Blaine Irby is not released to practice. Blaine is just now running. I don't expect him to play for us.

Barrett Matthews is your pass catching TE. I expect Barrett to catch 40+.

Tray Allen is limited from a weight room injury. He dropped a weight on his foot. He will practice, but they'll watch his load.

Jared Norton is released to practice, but limited. Like Allen, his reps will be monitored.


Best Spring academically since Mack has been at Texas. Several freshmen also took summer school and did very well.

The Running Game

The idea that we we're going to the Veer was overplayed this offseason. We want to run when we want to run and to punish honest or undermanned fronts. We'll still be three and four wide quite a bit.

Like on 2nd and 11, after our first down run play.

Tre and Fozzy have separated themselves from the rest of the RBs.

Both Cody Johnson and Chris Whaley have the ability to play Greg Smith's H-Back position. They need to want to block.

Good to hear. The problem with Greg Smith is that he doesn't need to be accounted for and you're playing offense with 9 on 11. Both Cody and Chris have good hands and could be an interesting play action threat. Kafka is jumping for joy right now.

Not settled on whether Demarco Cobbs plays RB or WR.

Wide Recievers

James Kirkendoll and John Chiles had big off-seasons according to Gilbert.


Connor and Case compete for #2 over the next month. Winner backs up Gilbert. Loser is redshirted. The staff has no intention of playing John Chiles there.


Tyrell Higgins is now 280. He went with Sam Acho on a Nigerian mission this offseason and Mack viewed this as a sign of maturity and respect.

Speaking of Acho, yes he can play inside, but the coaches don't want him there long term, particularly against power running teams. He's weighing around 265 right now.