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Hugh Hefner Just Emailed Us From The Grotto

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Hugh says his staff sports hack thinks Ohio State and Texas are destined to face off again in the Fiesta Bowl. This time with all the bunny ears on the line. Says Ohio State, led by the inestimable Terrelle Pryor, will triumph.

Playboy’s 54th annual College Football Pigskin Preview appears in the magazine’s September issue (on newsstands and at Friday, August 13), and predicts the Ohio State Buckeyes will go undefeated this year and defeat the University of Texas Longhorns in the national championship game.

I really can't watch another loss in the big game. Stoopsian. If we get there, we need to win it.

The article not only includes Sports Editor Gary Cole’s picks for the NCAA’s top 25 teams, but also features Playboy’s Preseason All America Team, which lauds the best players in the nation by position.

I've always favored the Egyptian Wheelbarrow.

Other mentions of note:

Coach of The Year: Gary Patterson

If we hose up this Muschamp thing, is Gary a frontrunner? It would possibly cause the Purple Wimple to explode.

D Line: Sam Acho - Texas

Sam is the man.

Apparently our cadre of DBs are out-classed by guys from Clemson and Virginia. Apparently he hasn't seen recent portentous body art or any of last year's highlights. Hope NFL scouts are in agreement.

Full rankings and All Playboy Team here:

Playboy’s 2010 Top 25 Teams:

1. Ohio State
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Boise State
5. Iowa
6. TCU
7. Florida
8. Wisconsin
9. Oklahoma
10. LSU
11. USC
12. Nebraska
13. Virginia Tech
14. Miami
15. Pittsburgh
16. North Carolina
17. Georgia
18. Stanford
19. Houston
20. Clemson
21. West Virginia
22. Utah
23. Oregon
24. Arkansas
25. Georgia Tech

Playboy’s 2010 Preseason All America Team:

v Coach of the Year: Gary Patterson - TCU
v Quarterback: Jake Locker - Washington
v Running Backs: Mark Ingram - Alabama; John Clay - Wisconsin; Stanley Havili - USC
v Wide Receivers: A.J. Green - Georgia; Julio Jones - Alabama
v Tight End: Kyle Rudolph - Notre Dame
v Offensive Line: Nate Solder - Colorado; Kristofer O’Dowd - USC; Matt Reynolds - BYU; Marcus Cannon - TCU; Anthony Castonzo - Boston College
v Return Specialist: Chris Owusu - Stanford
v Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete: Greg McElroy - Alabama
v Defensive Line: Cameron Heyward - Ohio State; Adrian Clayborn - Iowa; Sam Acho - Texas; Robert Quinn - North Carolina
v Linebackers: Von Miller - Texas A&M; Greg Jones - Michigan State; Michael Mohamed - California
v Defensive Backs: DeAndre McDaniel - Clemson; Prince Amukamara - Nebraska; Patrick Peterson - LSU; Ras-l Dowling - Virginia
v Long Snapper: Christian Yount - UCLA
v Kicker: Kai Forbath - UCLA
v Punter: Drew Butler - Georgia

Gary Cole and his 2010 Pigskin Preview will soon be available online at:

The guy on the right may or may not be the guy who writes sports for Playboy.

The next Barking Carnival offsite is likely to be at Hef's place.