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Big 12 Football Tickets Cost Big Bucks

2010 will be the last season for the complete set of the Big 12 to be in action, and according to the Daily Oregonian, it's single-game tickets have the highest face value of all the BCS Conferences.

The paper's survey showed that the average face value price for a single game ticket in the Big 12 for 2010 is $84.17 -- over $9 more than the average single-game ticket in the NFL ($74.99) and more than $22 over the next league's average (the Pac 10 at $61.90).

Many of the BCS Universities have a limited number of single-game tickets, as they sell season tickets -- usually with the position of the seat within the stadium dependent upon a donation to the program.

T Boone Pickens would like to see a return on his multi-million dollar gift to Oklahoma State, and the Cowboys are helping out by having the highest priced single-game ticket in the BCS -- $125 for the OU contest.

You can't purchase a ticket to the Bedlam Series alone, you have to buy season tickets.

In order to get a ticket to the OSU-OU contest you have to buy Cowboy season tickets priced at $479.

Oklahoma is the home team for the Red River Rivalry this season, and it will cost you a total of $1,800 to sit in the Sooner Section this year, (season ticket price + $110 face value + donation).

Texas apears to be the only BCS program with two games with the face value of each set at over $100.

The face value of a Texas-Texas A&M ticket is $100.

The SEC has an average price for a single-game ticket at $60.50. Of course since the league has led NCAA attendance 12 years in a row, single game tickets are as rare as Nick Saban taking an agent out to dinner.

Georgia is the designated home team for the Florida game in Jacksonville, and if you would like a ticket, you can get one for a donation of $8,000.

Looking for a cheap ticket? Try the Miami Hurricanes.

If Miami played a football game and nobody came, would they still commit unsportsmanlike conduct penalties?

Miami played in front of an average of 30,000 empty seats last year at home, so this season they are offering a $19 ticket special to every game -- including against Florida State.