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Caught up with my old friend Jeff Higgins tonight.

Jeff was a four year Letterman under Coach David McWilliams’ Longhorns from 1988-1991 at DE and LB. He was honored as the Special Teams Player of the Year in both ’90 and ’91 and appeared in every game played while he was on the 40 Acres. He is the owner of a T Ring and is an all around great guy.

Jeff joined us last year once and has agreed to pitch in here at The Carnival on a more regular basis from here on out. Look forward to his analysis of games, upcoming and past.

I also wanted to mention Jeff will be on the "Longhorns Unplugged" radio show this Thursday [Ticket KTKR 7-9pm] with Scipio and/or I possibly joining as well. The show is headlined by Wane McGarity and Johnny Walker.

It's also important at this point to point out that Johnny Walker caused me to lose my voice in the Cotton Bowl twice.



Yeah, I ran out on the field.

Welcome back, Jeff. Thanks, Johnny.