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Interesting News On Two Conference Foes

First let's start with the big news out of Lincoln where it is rumored that Nebraska starting middle linebacker Sean Fisher has suffered a season ending leg injury. Rumor is that it is a broken fibula that requires surgery.

That sucks for the young man as well as the Nebraska program. Fisher had 35 tackles last season, and was expected to quarterback the defense and provide experience at the Mike position which was a position of weakness last season. Now the Huskers will have to rely on a player with even less experience to direct traffic in Pellini's difficult scheme.

But that's not the only injury the Huskers have suffered right out of the chute in their quest to win a conference championship.

If you've been keeping tabs on Team Red Out this August, you'd know that this is the second Husker starter that has been lost for the season considering starting left tackle Mike Smith wrecked his knee last week.

That's a bad way for Nebraska to start its Big 12 swan song. Better Off Red has an in depth report on Husker camp if you like to keep one eye on the enemy.

Switching gears to the Big 12 South, word out of College Station is that true freshmen Jake Matthews and Cedric Ogbuehi are the odds on favorite to win two of the offensive line spots along with fellow true freshman Luke Joeckel who has already solidified one tackle position.


Look, the Aggies have skill position talent for days on the offensive side of the ball and they'd be the most explosive offense in the Big 12 if this was seven on seven. But it's not, and having 60% your offensive line comprising 18 year olds that average 280 pounds soaking wet is a recipe for disaster--and skyrocketing Jerrod Johnson copays.

I'll set the over/under at four games before the talented Aggie quarterback suffers a significant injury because there simply isn't a way to hide three physically inferior Olinemen with scheme or play-calling game in and game out. Not if you're trying to win.

If Johnson is still upright come Thanksgiving, I'll be utterly shocked.

Now in terms of the future, if we fast forward three years or so, the Aggies rate to have one of the best offensive lines in the conference barring injury or asking a coed to "help me with this", because this trio is going to be really good after two years of natural maturity and strength training.

Throw in another talented offensive line prospect Shep Klinke and the Aggies have a bright future as far as their offensive line unit is concerned. But ideally, these kids need to be redshirting in year one, getting mop-up snaps in year two, and then competing for signficant snaps in year three.

It's madness to expect them to block Kheeston Randall, Eddie Jones, and Jeremy Beal a few months after their senior prom when fifth year seniors can't block these talented defenders.

I'll be eyeballing the Sherman's young offensive line closely this September.

You should eyeball the incomparable Spence Park Soapbox for more Aggie insight, err, insight from Aggies.