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Roger Clemens Indicted For Perjury

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A Federal Grand Jury Thursday indicted Roger Clemens for lying to Congress about his use of performance enhancing drugs.

Clemens appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2008. Clemens former trainer, Brian McNamee had told baseball's Mitchell Committee that he had injected Clemens almost 40 times with steroids and human growth hormone over a three year period from 1998-2001.

Both men appeared before the Congressional Committee, contradicting eash others testimony.

Clemens faces one count of obstruction, three counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury stemming from his appearance before Congress.

If convicted, Clemens faces maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine.

Clemens and his defense team have long challenged McNamee's story, saying the former trainer has lied about the pitcher's alleged drug use. Clemens filed a defamation lawsuit against McNamee, but it was thrown out by a Houston Federal Judge. Earlier this month, a Federal Appeals Court in Houston refused to reinstate the lawsuit.