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Top Five Mack Brown Recruits on Offense

Saw this tweet from Geoff Ketchum tonight.

Top 5 offensive commits in Mack's tenure at Texas - 1. VY 2. Simms 3. Gilbert 4. Malcolm Brown 5. Benson

As a guy reporting from a recruiting site, ultimate production vs. star rankings are different, i.e. Colt McCoy owns 1,739 Texas Longhorn records and has more wins than any CFB QB in history, but doesn't crack the top 5.

Clearly NOT a big recruit. Not with Robert Perriloux in the bag.

Let's look at the list.

Vince is obvious. He's the only non-human to play college football. Confetti goes where he tells it to.

Simms was a big friggin' deal recruit, had some great games and was a great Longhorn but also had some troubles in some big games (look away Garrett) and ultimately couldn't take the Horns to the promised land.

Ced - Your TV is at Vasherized's home.

Garrett - nice stones in Pasadena. Beat OU and Nebraska and we'll put up your statue up in place of Jefferson Davis near Parlin Hall.

Malcolm - Welcome. Jesus has anointed you. Show me something.

Would you swap anybody out? Jamaal Charles? Roy Williams? Justin Blalock?

BJ Johnson was supposed to be Peter Warrick and The Big Three was a big deal.

Just wanted to toss it out there to the Carnival-goers to get your takes on big recruits and important players on O in Mack's Regime.

Maybe we'll do D next...