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Trouble in Asgard

Scipio has decreed that we start a new initiative to cover the Minnesota Vikings and all things Brett Favre exhaustively. Dude is obsessed. I frankly don't get it.

Anyway, apparently there is some strife in Valhalla. I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

The most recent issue stems from Brad Childress sending out his minions to flat out lie to the fourth estate, saying that kicker Ryan Longwell was actually in the Viking practice facility kicking rather than flying around in a private jet with Brett Favre and possibly Jenn Sterger.

Chilly can’t even tell the truth about that," the player said. "I mean, how ridiculous is that? What’s the big deal that he has to lie? Worse, he has to tell other guys to lie for him?"


Really, this is news? I guess so because we're talking about it. Plus, I like that they call him Chilly.

Ultimately, it just allows to get to the meat of the story which is that:

According to multiple team sources, Favre’s disdain for Childress is deep. "Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense and looks like a pederast in a Todd Solondz indie film," a Vikings player said.

Chilly must take play calling WAY too seriously.

"Brett just doesn’t trust him," a player said.

I think I see why Percy Harvin is suffering migraines all the time. It's a train wreck and I simply can't look away.