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Rally For Raylee

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As faithful Carnival-goers know, Kevin Berger's baby Raylee has been going through the ringer.

Whenever I end a day feeling stressed out, I head over to that blog and my concerns seem to melt away.

Funny, that.

In what is hopefully a darkest before the dawn kind of thing, Kevin sent me a text this AM saying that Ray's Monocytes / ANC is up today which implies that the engraftment has begun. This is great news and is no surprise considering the donor is named Kevin Berger.

I think he'll be a kid you want shooting free throws late. Even Huckleberry sees his clutchy clucthitude.

This is all great news.

What isn't great news is that this shit is expensive. Kevin has maintained a very stiff upper lip through this whole deal but Barking Carnival foreign correspondent DrJHorn let me know that they could really use a bit of help financially.

So, we're asking you to donate a little if you can spare it. Give a dollar, give 10, give a 100. Whatever you can afford. And please, no amount is too small. We have a BIG audience.

We've made it very easy as you can see below. You can PayPal or you can put it on a credit card.

As always, thanks for reading.