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Keeping an Eye on Our Foes

First let's start with the UCLA Bruins who had a Route 66 size ass-whooping coming their way even before being hit by a ridiculous rash of injuries/departures. Cap tip to our own Vegas Kyle for keeping up with Neuheisel's Mash Unit. Here's a list of the mounting Bruin injuries/departures:

Projected Backup RB Milton Knox is transferring.

Projected backup cornerback Marlon Pollard left the team.

Projected starting QB Kevin Prince has been battling a Strained Oblique and his backup Richard Breuhaul has been getting the snaps with the first team.

Projected Starting Right Tackle Mike Harris is suspended for the game.

Projected starting Center Kai Maiava fractured his ankle.

Projected starting Left Guard Jeff Baca has some injury problems and possible academic problems.

Projected Backup Left Tackle Nik Abele has quit the sport.

Projected backup cornerback Brandon Sermons is out for the year to a broken leg. Want to say I read they are redshirting him now.

Projected third string safety/DB Lowell Rose transferred.

Projected Starting Defensive End Datone Jones is out with a Broken foot.

Is there any doubt that we'll roll these fools? Hopefully BIG. It'll be somewhat cathartic if it's 110 degrees like it was that fateful September in 1997. Scratch that, no it won't. Night game por favor.

Next, word out of Nebraska's press club is that Zac Lee is having a rough time taking complete ownership of the first string quarterback spot.

Let's see, he's a senior with twelve starts under his belt trying to stave off a grossly inexperienced sophomore and redshirt freshman who happen to have skillsets that are miscast in Pellini's pro-style scheme. I know they're feeling pretty frisky up in the corn fields, but that's not a good sign.

It also reinforces what I already know. Zac Lee sucks out loud. And because he does, so will the Nebraska offense. Now Taylor Martinez might be the second coming of Vince Young, but the Huskers will be in for a rude awakening when they face Will Muschamp's charges come October 16th if they haven't figured out who their game manager might be by the end of September. Who else is pulling for Zac Lee to pull through?

Better information from our boys over at Better Off Red.

Turning our one good eye North of the Red River, it appears as if Bob Stoops has gone Bob Knight, at least with the place kicking duties of his squad.

To recap, the Sooner's starting kicker left the team due to academics and since then not one leg could be found out of the handful of Uwe von Schamann wannabees that backed him up.

So now Stoops is guessed it... place-kicking try-outs.


My how the mighty OU kicker has fallen.

If you're an avid reader of Boomer and Sooner like me, you'd have already known the situation here was dire as Nate Huepel proclaimed this even before the latest histrionics:

We don’t have a single guy on campus who can hit from beyond 40 yards with any reliability. If this isn’t fixed, and soon, it will cost us at least one road game.

Ouch. Do games in Dallas count as road games?

Being the good sports that we are at Barking Carvinval we've dispatched our own HenryJames to fill the kicking void in Norman.

You see, HJ was an absolute place-kicking witch in the valley. Growing up weened on soccer and football alike helped develop HJ's unique combination of barefoot meets straight on style which makes him a legend of sorts to this day.

If you ask him, he'd tell you he was deeply touched by Mark Moseley, Tony Zendejas, and Rafael Septien as a high school kicker.

We promise that he'll do his level best in Norman. We collectively cross the holes in our souls where our hearts used to be.