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Thank You Butch Davis

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For making the hot seat that Les Miles is perched on just a little bit cooler -- if only temporarily.

Miles and LSU are to open the season next weekend against #18 North Carolina -- a game that during the summer looked to be a brutal test for the Bengal Tigers -- but now Miles and LSU appear to be facing a North Carolina Tar Heels team that is unraveling a little more each day.

First There was the NCAA investigating recruiting coordinator John Blake and several UNC players over possible benefits from agents.

Now it seems that potential academic fraud has been added to the NCAA investigation.

Davis, UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp and athletic director Dick Baddour held a joint news conference Thursday night to reveal that during the Blake/Agent investigation, a player interviewed indicated a former athletic department tutor helped several players write term papers.

The tutor was one five "academic coaches" Davis has employed for his son, Drew, who is a student and the starting QB at East Chapel Hill High School.

Several players were interviewed in July over Blake's association with an agent and the players getting free trips and workouts through the agent. Star defensive tackle Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little were among the players interviewed. Both have been working on the second team this fall, as UNC fears they will be declared ineligible at some point.

AD Baddour wouldn't say how many players were involved in the academic part of the investigation, but he did say that it was ongoing, and he did leave open the option of North Carolina suspending the players on their own, if they don't hear from the NCAA by next week.

So you can take the Will Muschamp to LSU Alert down to DEFCON 2 -- for the moment. You can keep be sure we'll be tracking the Muschamp Watch.