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Jailhouse Confessions About The U

Nevin Shapiro, described as "an ardent, devoted, intense supporter,'' of the University of Miami, also happened to run a $900 Million ponzi scheme. Shapiro, who is in jail after pleading to money laundering and security fraud charges has spent quality time in prison writing a book ratting out the Hurricane football program.

Shapiro donated over $300,000 to the program and had a suite at games. He now says that over the past decade he was a Sugar Daddy to such players as Devin Hester, Antrel Rolle, Randy Phillips and Robert Marve as well as being tight with former Miami assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt, who is now at Louisville.

Shapiro says the book is finished and he is hunting for a publisher and wants it to come out towards the end of the upcoming season. Asked why he would suddenly turn against a program that he professes to love, Shapiro said,

"I want to make the average fan aware of what really exists under that uniform,"..."They might be great players, but they're certainly not great people. I'm speaking of no less than 100 former players.''

Apparently Shapiro feels like the players used him and then turned their back on him. Shapiro, known as "Little Luke'' by the players, is named after rapper Luther Campbell, who years ago gave cash to Hurricane players for big hits.

Shapiro accepted a plea deal for using a company called Capitol Investments USA Inc., to raise nearly $900 million from investors who thought they were buying into a wholesale grocery distribution business. Instead, he left at least 60 investors in Florida, Indiana and New Jersey with about $80 million in losses after the scheme collapsed.