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My pick for most improved Longhorn

Lately I've been thinking about which player is going to improve the most from last season. My first instinct is to look to the defense where every dude we have on that side of the ball will improve. But that's too easy. I don't want to pick someone who goes from good to very good or from very good to great. I want someone who goes from Vasherized to very good or even great.

So I had to look at the other side of the ball where a change in scheme is going to do the most good. Cody Johnson? Good choice, but he played well last year in limited action. Garrett Gilbert? He didn't play enough to warrant consideration. My post, my rules. So who did I pick?

Michael Huey.

Oh. Yeah. The Big 12 championship game. But you can't judge Huey against N'DonkeyKong Suh. That's like judging Scipio's game against girls who have self esteem. Neither dude has a chance. But there aren't any more Suhs on our schedule, and there are a lot of girls out there with a negative body image.

Huey is built like a hippo, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. Hippos are dangerous animals, killing more Africans each year than war, famine and the AIDS combined. Powerful and fast, the only way to stop them is by letting Greg Davis train them.

Mack Brown likes hippos.

Huey came to Texas a dangerous animal, but three years playing Duck, Duck, Goose took the fight out of him. Well now he's finally playing in the right system, and he's wrecking shit. What's that? You say that scheme is overrated? Take a look at Suh playing for Bill Callahan.


Recently Mack Brown said that "Michael Huey is playing with dominance in the preseason." Dominance. We haven't had an offensive lineman play at a level anything close to that since Justin Blalock, and even he was partially neutered as a senior.

Huey is getting to play more from a three point stance. As Brown said last week, "We’re in a three-point stance, and we’re coming downhill and coming off the ball. It’s no doubt that it is easier to run the ball in a three-point stance rather than a two-point stance." It's certainly a lot easier to prevent a defensive lineman from getting underneath your pads at the snap of the ball. No longer will we have to watch our offensive linemen try to replicate moves they saw in 'The Matrix' after a defensive lineman got underneath their pads before they knew what hit them.

Obligatory, imo.

And Huey played hurt last year. Now I know that every commenter on BC played eighth grade football with a severed carotid artery and a distended anus. Your toughness is legendary! But don't you remember how much better you played when you stopped losing blood and were able to sit down again? That's what I'm expecting from Huey starting on Saturday.

He's healed and playing in a system that takes advantage of what he does best, and I'm expecting an All Conference year for him

So who is your pick for the most improved Longhorn player?