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Changes to the depth chart

The new depth chart for Wyoming is out, and there are a couple of notable changes.

Tre Newton is now the starter at tailback with Cody and Fozzy backing him up. Ho hum. It wouldn't surprise me to see a different starter each week at this position, and it won't surprise me to see a different standout each game. When you have three guys who have about the same ability, one might play better than the others each week but over the course of the season they'll be about the same. There is no clear standout.

Paden Kelly is back after being punished for an overdue library book or whatever and is backing up Britt Mitchell at right tackle along with Mark Buchanan. Buchanan is also backing up Michael Huey at left guard along with Thomas Ashcraft meaning Dominic Espinosa is no longer on the depth chart. We have a lot of guards. Redshirt him.

Jamison Berryhill and Ryan Roberson are still listed as co-starters at fullback. That means on goal line we'll bring in a backup linebacker who has never played the position before and who missed last because of an injured shoulder.

Kenny Vaccaro is now listed as co-starter along with Christian Scott at left safety. Our two leading tacklers in the secondary at the same position, but apparently neither of them can line up the defense. Vaccaro is also listed as co-starter with Aaron Williams at nickel back, and Williams is still listed as co-starter at left corner with Curtis Brown. Chykie Brown is still the man at right corner. Message sent, imo.

Update: Mack Brown said in his press conference that Cody sprained his ankle on the second play of the game. And the Statesman quotes Greg Davis as saying "We've worked him so hard in camp that I think he's a little worn down. You could tell he didn't have fresh legs like Tré (Newton) and Fozzy (Whittaker). We've been saving those guys in camp."

So that's two different excuses after the first game. Not good.