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Boise State-Va. Tech A Ratings Winner For ESPN

Boise's States last minute 33-30 win over Virginia Tech was easily the most-watched college football game of the weekend.

The game pulled an overnight rating of 6.8 on ESPN. One ratings point translates into approximately 1.65 million viewers. The game pulled more than twice as many viewers as the next game on any network -- LSU/North Carolina, which reported a 2.8 rating.

In fact the 6.8 rating is close to the highest-rated college game ever on ESPN. That was last year's USC-Ohio State contest, which drew a 7.2 rating.

The Miama (Ohio)-Florida contest drew a 2.7 rating -- best for Saturday afternoon.

Texas 34-17 win over Rice drew a 1.8 overnight rating, which translates to approximately 2.9 million viewers.

The weekend was a good start for ESPN, which is coming off its most-viewed regular season since 1994 and its most-viewed bowl season ever.