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Reggie Bush Loses Heisman Award?

Rumors are swirling that the Heisman Trust is going to strip Reggie Bush of the 2005 award by the end of September leaving the door open for several different scenarios with the most probable solution-- leaving the award vacant for the 2005 season.

Now I'm a Longhorn homer, and on one hand I'd love for Vince Young to get what's rightfully his and for the program to add a third Heisman to its trophy case. There's no arguing the fact that Young was the better player, had the better year, and even the better statisics than the Trojan Running Back...and I'm talking about BEFORE the National Championship game.

On the other hand, I know the mouth-breathers in the media and lazy thinkers in the sport of College Football will couch this as an asterisk type moment and the thought of dealing with these buffoons gives me tired head. These are the same clowns that added kick return yardage to Bush's overall statistics when Reggie was something like 80th in nation in the category with just under 20 yards per attempt.

The inanity of adding the return stats as if Bush was some sort of Napoleon McCallum all-purpose guy portends of a barrage breathless whining about Vince Young backing into an award that was rightfully his nearly 5 years ago. And at this point I don't want to hear it, so I have no problem if they vacate the thing and the rational among us continue to go on knowing who the best college football player was in 2005.

A third option, that I must admit, is somewhat intriguing to me is for the Heisman Trust to hold a re-vote for the candidates that finished behind Bush. Present the data, records, stats, highlights and let the voters have at it. It would be a terrific antidote for the asterisk crowd and finally allow justice to be served.

It'd also be a win-win for the networks because I'm sure ESPN wouldn't mind having a Heisman Ceremony in October.

In a perfect world, Vince would then turn down the personal Trophy, have a replica sent to Moncrief-Neuhaus as some sort of team award, and accept prima nocta rights with the Kardashian sisters.

But in a perfect world we'd average more than 4 yards per carry against Rice.