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Calling All Dallas Cowboys/NFL Fans

I'd like to welcome you to one of Barking Carnival's newer blogs, the Ring of Honor covering America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

In our most recent article, Hornmafia has a great preview of this Sunday night's game with the Redskins, and there's some other good stuff on the site as well.

ROH is going to be covering what should be a special season for the Pokes. We'll have previews, post-mortems, open threads, and an assortment of other features including coverage of "Burn Dwight Clark in Effigy Day" and special editorials like "Buddy Ryan: Why He Enjoys German Scat Films", among other Cowboy related pablum.

So a hearty welcom to all of you, even Redskins, Eagles, and Niner fan.

Hope to see you there.