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Cool Video Of John Gold Tyrell Higgins Getting Scholarships

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Courtesy of the excellent media folks from

Quick observations:

- The genuine support of the team and coaching staff for their teammates is really cool. As is Mack's decision to make it a ceremonial deal.

- Higgins has really matured as a person. He has taken total ownership of his life after a rocky start and that's a cool thing to see in a young man of his age.

- Baby Huey wearing a MUSCLE MILK shirt. "BABY HUEY NEED MILK! MUSCLE MILK!"

- Eddie Jones sporting a black BALL HAWK t-shirt. MUST HAVE. This is the one shirt, above all others, that I must possess. I covet it.

Have a good weekend, Carnivalers.

I would put you all on scholarship for our team, but I'm not sure if you're good kids who graduate.