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This Right Here Is Your Week 2 Open Thread

One hell of a lineup today.

ESPN just aired a 5 minute docudrama on College Gameday breaking down the unique friendship of Jacory Harris and Terrelle Pryor. They are close friends but only through text messaging. OMG ITS SO ON.

If the Canes can stop Maurice Clarett, they have a chance.

Bama / Penn State

If Penn State beats Bama on the road they should just bury JoePa at Bryant Denny right after the game and commemorate the rest of the season to him.

Florida State / OU

The prison TVs will all be tuned in.


If they can stop medical marijuana, either team has a chance.

Georgia / South Carolina

HenryJames is a huge cock fan. All the more reason to root for Georgia.

Notre Dame / Michigan

Remember when this game used to matter? I like Michigan in an upset.

Texas / Wyoming

Throw deep but not too deep. Run hard but not too hard. Throw in an arm tackle here and there. Run back a few kicks but down them on the two. Intentionally drop a few more pick sixes. Tech is watching!