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Breaking News: Tray Allen to Redshirt

Word we’re getting is that former 5 star offensive lineman Tray Allen has elected to redshirt this season after hearing from team doctors that he would be out a minimum of 6 more weeks from today before he could begin practicing again.

If you were holding out hope that Allen’s return to right guard would allow the staff to move Mason Walters to right tackle you may exhale now. After you’ve caught your breath, you can pull for Thomas Ashcraft or Trey Hopkins grabbing a guard spot which would allow Walters to play tackle. Another option is to root for Paden Kelley to be all grows up sooner rather than later, and take over the other tackle.

I'd prefer the young one like Kelley and Hopkins get some more seasoning before they're thrust into the action. Both look like they're going to be good to great players so why waste a year if Ashcraft can come in and play capably at guard.

Otherwise, it’s defensive end king maker Britt Mitchell until his light comes on. I hope that light switch has a one week timer maximum.

In any event, this a big blow for 2010 but perhaps a blessing for 2011 considering the departure of Huey and Hix.