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Texas to Play Maryland

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Per Mack Brown at yesterday's press conference (around the 4:30 mark). Maryland will come to Austin in 2017 and we will play at Fedex Field in 2018.

Since I live ten minutes from the stadium, BC pre game starts at my house. HenryJames will be hosting the rainbow tailgate at DuPont Circle, while all our itinerant hipster's should contact Vasherized to discuss the appropriate European carryalls and skinny jeans for game day. Unfortunately, it does not appear Ralph Friedgen, and his exquisite collection of comfort waist pants, will be around as a coach, given his terminal case of suck.

Insert Fat Joke Here

This game represents an excellent opportunity for Texas to get some face and media time with Mid Atlantic recruits, who tend to be of the highly athletic and raw variety. Since Friedgen can't recruit, these players have been monopolized of late by Penn State/Virginia Tech and various other big time programs (Florida, USC, etc). There is no real natural collegiate affiliation for DC football athletes, and the abundance of basketball wealth has meant DC players are kosher with the concept of leaving home for school, meaning Texas can be a factor in recruiting the area.

Of course, you'd think we'd leverage our connection to Kevin Durant, proud son of Hyattsville, MD into recruiting success, but that's low hanging fruit. I'd suggest a more appropriate former DC native:

I taught Malcolm Williams everything he knows about catching the ball, James Kirkendoll about on the field attitude, and Brandon Collins about off-the-field behavior. Triple threat, imo.

Since I've been more or less calling for this game since the first W. administration, please include your kudos below.