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Texas AM vs. Oklahoma State Tonight

This will serve as your open thread in this battle of rural agrarians.

ShermWasNapping take on Golf Prick #1.

This game is a fascinating proving ground for both teams. Both are coming in 3-0 (as expected) and this will be a game that tells us a lot about each.

I'm curious to see how A&M:

- handles a road environment - they were fragile last year when faced with adversity
- looks on defense after a very promising start under Tim DeRuyter
- gets Jerrod Johnson back in the saddle after his last rough outing

With respect to OSU:

- this is a must-win for Gundy
- I want to check out Holgorsen's offense
- are they as bad on defense as I suspect?

OSU is averaging 596 yards per game. Kendall Hunter is going for 158 ypg, WR Justin Blackmon leads the nation in receiving, and Brandon Weeden is throwing for 325 ypg. Offense is hard.

A 41-38 win over Troy suggests some issues obscured in their other two blowouts. Namely, that whole defense thing.

A&M was rolling until they ran into the Florida International buzzsaw and JJ threw four consecutive interceptions in the 2nd half. A&M rallied from 14 down to win 27-20.

Expect an entertaining track meet.

This will also serve as your open thread for witticisms and commentary.