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Ehhhh, He's a Horn, Holmes

Holale vatos locos. Jonathan Holmes has been added to the fold as Rick Barnes realized recently we're in danger of starting a 8 guard rotation unless we start inking more big men.

Check out the deal on Holmes at March to March and the Recruitocosm. The Recruitocosm write-up on Holmes is particularly outstanding because right after I break down his game, I reassure everyone that DeAndre Daniels will remain committed to Texas. So. Awesome.

Holmes blew up on the summer circuit, working over various highly touted prospects to make himself into a reasonably coveted prospect (bottom of Top 100 nationally) pursued by the likes of A&M, Purdue, and Texas Tech. He needs to get stronger, but sending a player that needs to get stronger to Todd Wright is a little like sending someone that needs to get fatter to Carls Jr - it will happen.

And in anticipation of your gratuitous comments, I have no idea if he can hit free throws or if he can help Greg Davis call plays.