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BCS Week 5 -- For Those Who Care

I'm not going to lie.

This post is a blatant attempt to maintain readership in the midst of chaos and disarray, and there is very little in it for you, loyal Texas supporter.

After all, what self-respecting Longhorn fan would give a rat's ass about the BCS right now?

Then again, my perspective on pretty much everything is shot. I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

Case in point, I am the 36 year old alum/idiot who proudly met a freshman outside DKR to buy her OU ticket for $230 a mere 15 minutes before the UCLA kick off. Great going, SynTex! Excellent timing! She got her money to see Lady Gaga, and you overpaid at least a hundred bucks for the right to hang out at a claustrophobic State Fair from hell with a two hour wait for a corny dog, before seeing your team make a dozen mistakes in losing to its hated rival.

I felt like I bought BP stock just before the explosion.

Back to the BCS thing, I told you last week I'm fighting through this, in my desperate attempt to go "national." So while I don't expect you to really read this with any interest, I hope you have a good friend that loves Bama, TCU, Oregon, Ohio State, or whoever. Someone that really might care about the national championship race.

Heck, maybe the Horns pull the win out in Lincoln and look for the at large spot. Then you'll care about me again come around November.

Ah, who am I kidding? We've got Holi-Cotton written all over us.

Seriously, don't let a rebuilding year for the Horns ruin your love of the game. This is a pretty interesting year on the national landscape. Hope you enjoy (and thanks to Drew and everyone else for setting up the BCS 101 FanTake domain).

BCS Week 5 -- Leaders Are Emerging