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Will or Mack?

We've received a lot of email on this and had lots of side conversations asking the question.

If you were forced for whatever reason to pick Will or Mack to lead the Horns starting next year, who would you select?

Our favorite Oklahoma Newsman Berry Tramel has come forward saying he has 'sources'.

A Texas source said over the weekend that UT might encourage Mack Brown to retire, that the ‘Horns might be ready to commence with the Muschamp era. Not because of any dissatisfaction of Brown, but because of a belief in Muschamp. That’s the extent of Texas’ devotion to Muschamp, who is in his third year as the UT defensive coordinator and has been designated Brown’s successor.

Obviously Berry has a Sooner affinity so any 'sources' he refers to probably came out of his ass or may refer to a guy on a message board posting under the handle Greg Davis Blows. It's his super-double-secret-tricky way of stirring up shit while still "complimenting" Mack. I get that.

Let me be clear, we know this is a false construct as it won't ever come to this but as it's a bye week, we need some things to talk about and this is an interesting way to view Mack and Will's pros and cons.

For the purposes of this exercise, just assume there is no vitriol from either camp. The slate is wiped clean.

One guy takes over next year. No hard feelings.

Also, this isn't a polemic.

Comments like Mack sux!!! will just be deleted, IP addresses tracked and Moassad operatives dispatched to your doorstep.

So give us your reasons why your choice for the next Texas Longhorns head football coach seemed like the right one.