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Todd Wright Is The Best In The Business

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Todd Wright is the best there is and this excellent video from shows you why.

Some observations:

- Wright's hardcore Massachusetts accent never fails to make me smile.

- J'Covan Brown is in shape. He looks like he has dropped about 15-20 pounds, easy. If he dropped some immaturity baggage as well, we're in good shape. I'm pulling for this guy.

- Dogus Balbay and Alexis Wangmene appear to be in shape. Ya think? If Dogus had grown up in the USA, I'm convinced he'd be a high level DB or WR. That guy is crazy athletic and tough as nails.

- Every lift and movement they're doing is functional. Whether it's throwing a dumbbell to a guy and simulating a post move, doing Olympic snatch movements, kettle bells, or medicine ball, it's all about core strength and applicable energy. It looks like a cross between a basketball and MMA workout.

- Every day begins with a plan, instruction on exactly what he wants from each movement, and a post-workout debrief.

We're very lucky to have Todd Wright.