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Longhorn Notes: Davis Healthy, Chiles Not, Kriegel Exercises at OT

Mike Davis practiced this week and looked good. The coaches expect him to play against Nebraska and he will weigh heavily in our game plan, irrespective of his #2 depth chart listing. If we're to make a play downfield or convert some key 3rd and 9s Jordan Shipley style - you know, catch 5 yarder, juke first tackler, dive forward to avoid safety hit, first down! - then he's the guy to do it.

John Chiles is moving better, but may not be completely back. I don't know how much we'll see of him.

The most interesting move is that the coaches finally confirmed that Kyle Kriegel moved to OT five days ago. He won't play this year, but the coaches like his athleticism at tackle. I commented on his future as an OT when we first signed him:

I was intrigued by his ability to keep a low pad level inside at 6-5 and that suggests some real flexibility; that makes me wonder what he’d look like at OT and not just DT.

I'm glad to see the coaches make the move in an attempt to get better, more aggressive athletes on the OL. The bottom line is that a mediocre DL athlete is usually an elite OL athlete. We need to be doing more of this as it's a staple for so many programs that don't sign our OL "talent" but routinely have better OL play than we do.

Interested to see what his future holds if he can get up to a good 290.

Next up: De'Aires Cotton?