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The Tao Of Les Miles by THujone

Our MS Painting friend at ShaggyBevo has outdone himself.

This particular plot line is sublime and should be made into a short film with Ashton Kutcher.

If you're not a word picture kind of guy or gal, the storyboard clearly narrates Miles' prescient creation of the Tennessee extra man penalty after flying on his octopus tentacled unicorn (not pegasus! the beast is not wing-ed! NERRRRRRD) clutching a Roman short sword when he receives a revelation on his core ball through his anus that tells him to release a gorgeous butterfly in The Orient whose flapping wings then initiate a typhoon which throws off course a Chinese merchant ship loaded with tiger balm forcing the wily Red Chy-nee to substitute pepper spray which is later applied to a Tennessee player's genitals in the closing moments of the sure Volunteer win in Baton Rouge forcing said player to sprint on the field (perhaps chased by a compatriot with a cooling towel) thus causing the now infamous 13 man penalty and further confirming that Les Miles is no longer in possession of his own soul as it is kept by Mephistopheles on a loan-lease program in a lava lamp in Dalhart.


All praise THujone.