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How Pelini Got His QB, Big 12 Power Polls, And 1970s Pop

Better Off Red has been killing it of late, and this latest piece by Farmer Ted on how Taylor Martinez came to transform the Husker offense is absolutely outstanding. Just read it.

Jonathan Taylor-Thomas T-Magic's transition from future Blackshirt Safety to Athlete to Quarterback is cool. Similarly, Bo Pelini doesn't get enough praise for making a choice - benching an experienced starting QB for a freshman - that looks so obvious only in retrospect. Pelini is clearly in this for titles, not 10 wins and a bowl.

Lots of other good stuff at Better Off Red. Surf around.


Not to be outdone, the good men at Atomic Teeth, our Missouri bloggers, have put up a Big 12 power rankings and a bad 1970s pop song plea for Blaine Gabbert not to be a hero.

Music from the 1970s sure liked to tell a little story, didn't it?

Yes, I'm crying a little. What of it? I heard she threw that letter AWAYYYYYYYYY...

Aside from the outstanding gold flame accented flared costuming, please check out the cat playing keyboards and piano. He has his pants stuffed with a gym sock and he has a look of utter contempt for any man who cannot play two keyboards simultaneously. My one regret is not hitting my prime in the 1970s when my thick, wavy hair could have been grown out, parted in the middle, and blow dried to a spectacular sheen and consistency that would make an Italian gigolo envious.

My older sister had this particular record on a scratchy 45 and its maudlin lyrics are indelibly etched in my psyche along with the caterwauling of Rick Springfield and Loverboy. She even took me to see the Rick Springfield movie Hard To Hold, whose execrable plot and character development did not escape my scathing analysis even at age 10. By the way, I agree with the Atomic Toofster's take wholeheartedly.

Regarding the power poll, I think we can all agree on the two best teams in the league and we may agree on the two worst (Kansas and somebody), but ranking the middle eight is best done by placing all of their names on dollar bills and then flinging them off of a skyscraper in Times Square and then noting the order in which they are picked up and presented to trannies for peep booth dances. Any argument for those middle eight teams should be met with a sympathetic nod, because I'm pretty sure you don't have any idea either.


The Aggies are at a crossroads. But aren't we all? Shouldn't you have pursued that career in ceramics or Latin salsera? I know Bob in Houston wishes he had. And nordberg wishes he'd married that weepy girl from Itasca that used to walk the railroad tracks alone.

Anyway, this line made me laugh hard for it's matter-of-fact relation and seeming illogic:

The long and short is we need the game Saturday badly and I think the team will come out strong. The game is being televised, so that is working against us

The rays of television actually inhibit Aggie performance. The Aggies pine for telegrams and passenger pigeons to deliver the news of their football games and Mike Sherman wishes he could barnstorm off of the back of a steam-engine train wearing a great waistcoat and bowler hat, promising a free ham for every man who will say Whoop!