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A Word About The Tote Bags…

We've been approached by Nike about going exclusively with their Pro Combat Tote Bag design.

We apologize as this negotiation has hampered our ability to bring this beloved item to you, the consumer.

However, we will soon have T Shirts that mention the Tote Bag, as well as some others. Keep in mind these are prototypes only.

tote bag t shirt

t shirt

We do already have a number of T Shirt designs under way and even a merkin from the HenryJames signature line but we want your help.

What we want from you, Barking Carnival community, is some more ideas about what you want on the T Shirts that will soon be appearing in the Barking Carnival General Store. Slogans, colors, etc.

Hope to have some available for purchase next week so holler at your boy.