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Dick Tomey Hired As Outside Consultant

The former Longhorn Assistant Head Coach and head man at Arizona and San Jose State is now in the employ of the University of Texas. Sources close to the program tell us he's been hired to evaluate the program top to bottom from strength and conditioning to concepts on both sides of the ball. Additionally, the grizzled veteran coach should be able to address the the Longhorns' puported lack of discipline off the field magnified by Cleve Bryant's indiscretion.

If you were born after 1980, I'm talking about 6th street, holla!

Tomey was seen on the sidelines of the Baylor game, so he should be able to hit the ground running in his new role. I mean that was Baylor. Baylor? Yes, Baylor.

In case you've forgotten Tomey, along with Greg Robinson, was the main catalyst in the program's resurgent toughness in the early 2000's after the Longhorn brand was tagged with the soft label. As a curmudgeon, Tomey tests off the charts, so he should be able to give Mack Brown the straight shit without fear of repurcussion. That's good for a program that needs to ask tough questions before it seeks any sort of answers.

Regardless, it's different than the status quo, so that in itself has got to be good.