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Uh-Oh, Kabongo!

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And now for some good news.

Myck is back in the fold, according to The Jesus. Typically I would roll my eyes and make comments about chickens and hatching but I read this report from high school hoops guru Dave Telep with some really great quotes from the kid.

"I took a quick step and I evaluated everything and quickly realized that Texas is best for me," Kabongo said in a text message to "For all the reasons I've stated before in the past, there's no way I can build a relationship with [another] coach in a year like I have with Coach [Rick] Barnes and the staff at Texas and I don't want to waste the other coaches or individuals associated with the schools time knowing this."

"I was just looking to make sure I was making the right decision. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong method," he said in a text message. "Looking back I didn't deal with it properly but it's something I can learn from as a person," he said in the text. "So, there's no point for me to go through the process again just to do it. ... There's no need to waste their time and energy and that would be unfair to them. Yet again, I don't want people to think I did this as something to get attention. I jumped the gun on how I was feeling and I'm truly sorry to everyone involved from fans to coaches and programs.

"As for Texas fans, I'm sorry and I will continue working hard to make the impact they expect me to make come next fall," he said in the text. "I bleed burnt orange and I'm working hard to bring Austin fans excitement!"

I'm also impressed his ability to text such copious missives without typos and that he eschewed acronyms like BFF and LOL.

Anyway, these don't seem like the quotes of temperamental drama queen. Sounds like he's in.

Also, I really enjoyed watching Rick's press conference here.

I know Trips is less than sanguine about the prospects based on personnel but maybe this will be a less is more sort of club like Rick has fielded in the past.