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Shawn Williams Leaves The Texas Basketball Team

That huge exhale you just heard was Jordan Hamilton breathing a sigh of relief.

Seriously though, Shawn Williams has decided to quit Texas Basketball and transfer to another school next semester. His departure is really going to hurt since he's the only other realistic option the Horns have at the three spot outside of Jordan Hamilton.

This also ensures that J'Covan Brown gets a lot more of the minutes at the two unless the Horns are willing to zone. In other words, Gary Johnson isn't going play any small forward and bump Hamilton to the two unless we run zone. And I'm hopeful Joseph doesn't have to share the floor with Balbay too often.

Instead, look for a heavy dose of Joseph, Brown, Hamilton, Thompson, and WangChapHill as your core rotation when we're in man. I'd like to think we'll see a lineup that replaces our liability at the five spot with Gary Johnson which gives us the most firepower on the offensive end of the floor, but this group requires zone. Someone get Jim Boeheim on the line.

But good luck to Shawn wherever he goes. There simply wasn't a better source of entertaining internet jousting in all of the college hoops interwebs, which is surprising considering the kid probably played all of 10 minutes over the course of his career.