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We're # 5!

When it comes to spending money on the football team, we didn't finish first.

I am actually pissed that we are not first here. Not our standard. Do we or do we not have the biggest athletic department budget? I thought our top line was tops. No?

I'm also pissed at srr50 for not posting this stuff so I could learn something.

Apparently, THE Ohio State University picks up the tab statewide for burned couch disposal as they are the clear #1, again, when it comes to spending money to make money.

I would be fascinated to look at the UT Football, Inc. budget. On what do we spend the dollars DeLoss so adroitly pulls out of donors and World Wide Leaders wallets?

Are Mad Dog's gold medallions a line item?

Here is the top 10.

1 Ohio State ($31.76)
2 Alabama ($31.11)
3 Notre Dame ($29.49)
4 Auburn ($27.91)
5 Texas ($25.11)
6 Florida ($24.45)
7 South Carolina ($22.79)
8 LSU ($22.74)
9 Iowa ($18.46)
9. Wisconsin ($22.04)
10 Arkansas ($22)

S! E! C! S! E! C! S! E! C! S! E! C! S! E! C!

BTW, Notre Dame is getting serious about this, with the biggest increase YOY - a staggering additional $10 large. Sláinte, says the crowd at One Foot Down.

Well, let's hope our investments pay off a bit better in the next few years.

(h/t Spencer / EDSBS)