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What the Hell Happened To Us

I stumbled across the video below as I was looking for footage for March To March. It's one of those Tom Rinaldi touchy-feely pieces that I ate up back after 2006 Championship game when we won the whole enchilada.

Usually, I like enchiladas. After enjoying this particular dish, I was convinced this was but the first of many enchiladas to come. It was a gut feeling which isn't all that surprising considering it involves enchiladas. Gut feelings happen after you eat enchiladas. Instead it was just gas caused by the early departure of VY careening against the abject failure that is our offensive coaching staff.

In any case, enjoy the video. I'm going to go to VY's steakhouse in Austin this weekend and enjoy an overpriced ribeye as a result of watching this video. I'm taking my daughter and my three boys to gum on some of their overpriced meatloaf. It's the least I can do considering the proprietor of the joint gave me most of my best memories as a Longhorn fan.

Looking forward to that evening, I'm convinced I'll spend most of my time there looking around the restaurant at all of the nostalgia on the walls wondering aloud, what the fuck? Iowa State. Really?

I'll probably mutter something like "fuck me" under my breath. I hope my 7 year old doesn't hear it. If he does, I'll CYA by telling him, "Son, I was just about to say that Vince Young made the football good." Then I'll order another Shiner.