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Jamie Dixon -- Killer Frog

When Texas faces Pitt tonight in Madison Square Garden, the Head Coach on the Panther bench is a former TCU player who still occupies the nightmares of several Texas basketball players from 1986.

Jamie Dixon, a four-year letterman at TCU, played for Jim Killingsworth, whose teams were known as the "Killer Frogs." In February of 1986 Dixon did just that to Texas' SWC championship hopes. Bob Weltlich had a solid team led by Center John Brownlee and guard Karl Willock. A Texas win over TCU in Ft. Worth in late February would clinch a regular season SWC title for the Horns. Texas led 54-53 with only 5 seconds to go. TCU had to take the ball out under the Texas basket, and the Horns had a foul to give.

Dixon and the Frogs would tie Texas and Texas Tech for the regular season. Texas went to the NIT where the Horns beat New Mexico in the first round in Albuquerque and then lost to Ohio State in Columbus.

Texas tried to foul Dixon twice as he made his way downcourt, but the refs swallowed their whistles.

Administrators from both schools exchanged heated words under the tunnel after the game. The game helped to push the Bob Weltlich era closer to its end, and eventually helped Dixon land a spot in the TCU Athletic Hall of Fame.
Jamie Dixon - Killer Frog.