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Jamie Dixon is the New Basketball Coach at TCU

Dixon is leaving Pitt to come home to his Alma Mater., and he is bringing a bad memory for Texas Basketball fans with him.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The last time TCU won a basketball game in the NCAA Tournament (1987) one of their guards was Jamie Dixon. Monday Dixon decided to leave Pitt and return to try and win the the next one for the Horned Frogs as their head coach.

Dixon has been the head coach at Pittsburgh for 13 years, and took the Panthers to the NCAA's 11 times. He has won 20 or more games 12 times at the school, but Pitt hasn't been to the Sweet 16 since 2009.

As I said Dixon played for the Horned Frogs when they were pretty damn good. Jim Killingsworth was their coach, so naturally enough, they were known as "The Killer Frogs." They lived up to that name when in 1986 Dixon and TCU killed what looked to be an outright SWC basketball championship for Texas.

It was the regular season final, and Texas held a one point lead with just five seconds to go up in Ft. Worth. TCU had to go the length of the court and Texas had one foul to give.

They tried like hell to give it, but the refs decided to swallow their whistles. I was working the radio that day and trust me it hurt as much, as if not more, than the UNI buzzer beater of Friday night.

Jamie Dixon for the win.

The win created a 3-way tie for the SWC title between TCU, Texas Tech and Texas. The Longhorns went to the NIT where they beat New Mexico and then lost to Ohio State.