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Is Bo Pelini Gonna Have To Choke A Bitch?

I think he'd like to choke Dan Beebe, given the chance.

I just finished watching the Aggies triumph over Corn at Somme Kyle Field. Ags look pretty good. THU ought to be...interesting. Wonder of Tim DeRuyter will be able to solve the riddle that is our offense.

Back to Bo. The whole 16-2 penalty count will send a sane man around the bend. It's not clear Bo Pelini can throw a rock and hit sane.

I believe in his post game press conference he said: "They scored 9 points, but we gave up 6."

I enjoyed watching Bo Pelini fume, rage, spit, holler and generally freakout for the better part of this game, the highlight being this sequence where Taylor Martinez returns from the locker room and Beau harangues him for...what? Seriously, I could not figure out what the deal was. Maybe the lads at Better Off Red have some ideas.